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Thursday, October 24, 2013

178, "Morning Cup", oil, 17" x 14"

Useless Bay Coffee Company in Langley is the local and visitor hang out. Each morning around 9:00 a.m. the "regulars" start to gather. During sunny weather they gather outside, during cold times they go in. As in coffee klatches all around the world they discuss personal issues and solve the world's problems. This painting was a pleasure to paint. I could feel the sunshine and the contentment as I applied the paint. For some reason this painting was on my easel for a long time. During the Summer I was painting outdoors a lot. So when I was in the studio I would study this composition, make small corrections, put on a few strokes of paint. I think I prolonged it because I enjoyed it so much. The Ray for the Day is "Morning Cup."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

177 Save the Date

I am so proud to announce my upcoming show! Please Save the Date. I'd love to see you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#176, "Ebey's Landing", oil, 8"x 16"

I could just as easily name this one "Another Blissful Afternoon." 3 other painters and I went North to Ebey's Landing, an exceptionally beautiful area of Whidbey Island. The grasses and weeds were lovely shades of gold, lavender, green. The water was blue. The sky was pink and blue. The mountains and the mist in the background were magical. To top it all off it was not too hot, nor too cold. Every once in awhile it was a little windy. But hey! The day was perfect and the views in every direction magnificent. I was entranced. I don't often paint real landscapes. I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. What a great excuse to stand in a field and stare at beauty. The Ray for the Day is "Ebey's Landing."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#175 "A Blissful Afternoon", oil, 10"x7"

This Summer I have made a pledge to myself to be outside as much as I possibly can. I have discovered (or rediscovered) that painting outside is pure bliss. It is like sketching, only with oil paint. It's a real two-fer. This sweet scene is in the backyard of my friends Faye and Truman. They were painting somewhere else on the property while I was here. I am most productive when painting with or near other painters. I realized this a few years ago, and it is a major reason for sharing Studio 106 with Faye and Barb. It turns out I don't even have to be able to see them. Just knowing they were there and working felt like company. Creative telepathy? 

Friday, June 21, 2013

#174, "Cat's Whisker", oil, 16" x 24"

I know this is a rather odd painting for me. It is a part of my Langley Inside Out series. I walked into Big Sister one day (a Langley clothing shop) and while I was talking with the owner she reached over and plucked something from my scarf. "What is this?" she asked. And then she answered her own question: "It is a cat's whisker!" How did she know? She collects them. She put it in a small clear envelope and labeled it with the name and breed of my cat, Arthur. I was charmed. I took her photo and couldn't help painting this. Probably more importantly....I learned so much while painting this picture that I keep it up in my studio to remind myself of the brushwork and use of cools and warms, edges, light, value and the use of color spots. A lot to ask from one slightly odd painting. The Ray for the Day is "Cat's Whisker."

Monday, June 17, 2013

# 173 "Double Tall", oil

This is another of my "Langley Inside Out" series, interior scenes of buildings in Langley. This is where I stand to wait for my coffee when I am at Useless Bay Coffee Company, a very popular local hang out. I bought the support panel one day just because I liked the size and shape of it, and have been waiting for just the right composition to present itself for that format. While waiting for my coffee it appeared to me. Inspiration can strike at any time, right? Like most painters I find myself composing paintings all the time. Everything I look at becomes an imaginary painting. Most never get to the canvas. But some do. As is the case with The Ray for the Day "Double Tall".

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#172, "Two Slices of Life", oil, 6" x 6"

On day 2 of the Qiang Huang workshop I painted this little still life. I used a palette knife and thick paint for the orange slices. I often use thick paint with a brush, but it was so satisfying spreading that paint on there like butter. Also I'm not used to painting so small, but I really enjoyed focusing all of my attention on this little 6" x 6" panel. I look forward to doing more small ones in my studio. I have been painting more than I have been posting. So I should be getting a few more larger pieces posted in the next week or so. There is so much life out there to live it is hard to get around to everything all the time.My Interiors of Langley series is coming along really well. Stay tuned! The Ray for the Day is "Two Slices of Life".