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Saturday, February 27, 2010

#75 "Cupcake", oil, 16" x 12"

Barb gave me these amazing amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. It has been total joy watching the green stalks grow and grow, then the buds begin to bulge, finally these amazing sensual velvety blossoms bursting forth. They sit on our dining room table, and I have watched them day by day since Christmas! When I went to Mexico for 3 weeks I hated to leave the amaryllis. Amazingly it was in full glorious blossom when I returned. Barb came to paint with me. When I told her we were going to paint the amaryllis she stopped at Starbuck's and got us coffee and also this lovely little red velvet cupcake, a perfect complement to the still life. We spent a delightful day together in my studio painting. The Ray for the Day is "Cupcake".