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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#129 "Another Langley Morning", 24" x 18"

So this is #12 of the Langley Series. Again, a fun painting to paint. I am working on establishing a clear foreground, midground, and background. This scene is again from a morning walk. The view is across Saratoga Passage to Camano Island from upper 2nd St. Of course the angles of the foreground architecture is what mainly captured my imagination. Again, a little Thibaud crept in here with some bold lines of color. This painting really came to life in the last hour of painting. I brightened some colors, grayed some, and had fun with orange, turquoise and lime green. Yum. The Ray for the Day is "Another Langley Morning".

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#128 "Brookhaven Morning", oil, 18" x 24"

Dear Sweet Patient Blogsters, Even while being in the middle of moving I have eked out some small bits of time to paint. I guess it helps to preserve my sanity. I have 3 pieces to share with you over the next few days. This one is number 11 of the Langley Series. There is also a number 12, which means I will produce a calendar of Langley scenes that I have painted over the past year. This one is another scene from my walk from our condo to Studio 106. These homes are called Brookhaven and are very sweet low income housing. I'm so proud of Langley that these homes are right next door to downtown! I seem to be channeling Wayne Thibaud with these paintings. It is very fun at the end of the painting to add a bit of color here and there. The Ray for the Day is "Brookhaven Morning".