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Sunday, December 30, 2012

#160: "Persimmons in a Jar", oil 6" x 6"

The last posting of 2012. Even with all the Holiday festivities I managed to make one last little painting. Did you know that persimmons are really delicious when they are ripe? We had lots of them around the studio, so we got a chance to find out. I love the word "persimmons". The challenge in this painting was to paint glass. Again, if I had thought too much about glass it would not have been so successful. I thought about shape, color, value. Faye said "paint the persimmons and then put the jar around them". I did something like that. I love my color choices here. I painted the background several times before I came up with this. I'm happy with it. Happy New Year everyone. The Ray for the Day is "Persimmons in a Jar".

Sunday, December 2, 2012

#159: "Cup 'o Cherries", 6"x6", oil

This one makes even my mouth water. Not just those luscious red orbs, but the thick juicy paint. Again, there was color bouncing all over the place especially on that white cup. Notice the Holiday color theme? Yep, red and green. Can't get away from it right now. This one and the last posting both sold at Art Walk last night. Yay! I really enjoyed piling the paint onto this little 6"x6" square. This blog may go quiet for a little while as I go off to all kinds of parties and gatherings and family events. Today I'll put up our tree. Happy Holidays everyone. The Ray for the Day is "Cup 'o Cherries." SOLD

Saturday, December 1, 2012

#158: "It's All About the Cherries", 6" x 6" oil

It's interesting how the environment, season, mood effects my work. I somehow can't quit painting things that are red and green. Right now I am drawn to anything red. I reach for the red sweater, put on my red coat, eat the red pear, and can't seem to stay away from these gorgeous red cherries!! Studio 106 is filled with round, red fruits. We paint 'em and then we eat 'em! Happy Holiday Season everyone. Studio 106 is open tonight for Art Walk in case any of you are near enough to drop by. The Ray for the Day is "It's All About the Cherries."