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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#169 "Short and Stout", 12" x 9", oil painting

The Star Store Basics always has a display of these cheery, colorful teapots in the window. They always make me smile. "Shadows are an opportunity for beautiful color" is a painting principle that wanders through my mind sometime during every painting. That was certainly true in this one. I don't think this photo (taken with my iPhone) does the shadow colors justice. Take it from me...they are beautiful. The way to darken a hue is to add either it's complement or analagous colors. In this case I added the darkest analagous color, and then just a whisper of the complement. I feel the shadow colors in this painting for the Langley Inside Out series are quite successful. The Ray for the Day is "Short and Stout".

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#168 "One Adult Please", 12" x 9", oil painting

One of my many favorite things about living in Langley is that I can walk to the Clyde Theater. I can see the show, have popcorn, most likely run into friends, and all for $7.00. How lucky is that? I just love the Clyde. So for my Langley Inside Out series, this subject was a natural. Of course my challenge was to show the very bright light inside the booth and the cool night air outside. I have to admit I took a few tips from Edward Hopper. The Ray for the Day is "One Adult Please".

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#167 "The Sketchers go to Granville Island", watercolor sketches

For some reason I don't often post sketches. I don't know why, because I actually sketch quite a bit. I did these two sketches yesterday, on the second day of an overnight trip that 6 of the Whidbey Island Sketchers went on together. It was hilarious, creative, fun, delicious and just plain great. We took the train to BC, walked to the Aqua Bus, rode it to Granville Island and spread out to sketch. I fell in love with the Aqua Bus' and we used them as our main form of transportation. I could not resist sketching one. While doing that sketch the sun was shining and a busker, Joshua Minsky, was singing right to my soul. My pen began dancing to the music and that sketch is my favorite of the trip. My second favorite is this little pie shop, Ala Mode, inside the market. There was a lemon meringue pie. Right there. My mother's favorite food. What could I do? I sketched and savored and thought of my Mom. I'm being struck with this writing how my senses are heightened while sketching. I'll always remember the sun, the breeze, the voice, the hubbub, the flavor. The Ray for the Day is "The Sketchers go to Granville Island".