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Thursday, April 29, 2010

#88 "Boss Bucket", 12" x 9"

Today I am beginning to seriously clean out my studio to prepare it for the Kirkland Artist Studio Tour in which takes place in just over a week, May 8 and 9. While cleaning I noticed this little painting up on my easel which I have forgotten to post. I enjoy painting everyday objects. I found this little boss bucket in the back room of Liana's teaching space. As soon as I saw it I knew I would paint it. I'm finished with the food subject for now, and am thinking of every day items like tools and tape dispensers, all those little things we really need and take for granted. We'll see what else I find lying about the studio that will become paintings. I don't imagine I'll be posting many painting for awhile as the KAST is rather all consuming. The Ray for the Day is "Boss Bucket".

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#87 "Study of Momo", 20" x 15", oil

On day 3 of the workshop we had just 3 hours to paint this pose, so I consider this a study rather than a finished painting. Since the workshop leader would not allow us to take photos I have nothing to work from other than my imagination. I have worked on it some pumping up the colors. I love the face, the skin color, and the glasses in this painting. I also really like my color mixes and choices. One of the most important things I left the workshop with was the importance of paint mixing. I am now mixing many of the colors I anticipate using before I start to paint. I mix warm and cool versions of the hues I choose. Painting is decision making every moment. The tricky part is engaging the decision making brain as well as the intuitive brain at the same time. Or at least in rapid succession. Painting is definitely good brain exercise. The Ray for the Day is "Study of Momo".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

#86 "Rachel's Back", 20" x 16", oil

For her afternoon poses Rachel took off her top, donned a long skirt, and gave us her lovely back to paint. Again, this was two sittings of 3 hours each over two days. Trying to paint what I see. See clearly. And still keep looking at the painting so that I give the painting what it needs. These are my tasks. Among others. I tried to keep telling myself painting Rachel's back was no different than painting a tea pot or an old rusty truck. It's a matter of painting the shapes. Just the shapes. Not a back. Not a skirt. Just shapes. No wonder making art can keep a person occupied and obsessed for an entire lifetime. The Ray for the Day is "Rachel's Back".

Saturday, April 24, 2010

#85 "Rachel", 20" x 16"

Figures have not been my thing, but I heard that Henry Stinson was teaching a week long class in Langley and I wanted to learn from him. I was undecided about whether or not to go when Barb told me she was going and I decided to join her. We stayed at our Tree House condo in Langley and had a wonderful time painting from 10:00 to 5:00 each day and enjoying the pleasures of Langley in the evening. This portrait was done in two 3 hour sessions over 2 days. Lovely Rachel. Henry's words ring in my head "Cool light-warm shadows, warm light-cool shadows", "Squint to see value, eyes wide open to see color". I know these things, but practicing them is another matter. One of my challenges is to learn to really see the color in flesh. The Ray for the Day is "Rachel".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

#84 "Cat Nap", 11" x 14"

Barb's home is old and full of character, beautiful things, and interesting crannies. Yesterday Joanne and I painted interiors at Barb's house. Happily it was sunny all day so we got these wonderful splashes of sunlight spilling on the walls and surfaces. We painted all day, Joanne in the living room and Barb in the bathroom painting a claw footed tub. I chose this nook in the master bedroom, and so did Pablo the cat. Miraculously he stayed all day as well. He did change his position every hour or so, but I captured the pose I liked the most. My favorite part of this painting is the sunlight coming through Pablo's ears. The Ray for the Day is "Cat Nap".

Monday, April 12, 2010

#83 "Hats Off to the Ladies", 12" x 9"

Wayne Thiebaud, along with Richard Diebenkorn, have always been favorite painters of mine. They were friends, and their work informed one another. Today in class, while I was painting these doughnuts, Liana came around and said "Theibaud it!". I looked at a book she had and discovered some of the ways he treats edges that give life and sparkle to a painting. I feel I have found the beginning of a way to borrow from Thiebaud that will also become part of my own voice in oils. I'm thrilled!! The Ray for the Day is "Hats Off to the Ladies".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

#82 "Spring!", 24" x 12", oil

Today was a typical Seattle Spring day.....sun, cold, warm, hail and sun again. But the tulips are up! A sure sign of Spring. They are always fun to paint. We were in Joanne's studio. We painted, we listened to music, we had a lovely lunch and then a break for awesome lemon cake. All the while painting these harbingers of Spring. For me the glass vase is the diva. I enjoyed painting the colors and shapes I saw without thinking "vase"........and voila! a glass vase appeared. Such fun. The Ray for the Day is "Spring!"