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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#97 Day Two of Portrait Class

On Day Two Liana talked to us about bone structure, planes, shadow patterns and skin tones. Furthermore she talked about composition, lighting, warm and cool tones and value. Of course this is not new information. It is just that It will take a lifetime for it all to really sink in. And that still won't be enough time. That is part of what makes painting so fascinating. I never expect to master it. I only expect to keep learning. In the afternoon we had two models and we moved around the room so we got different views. We did 20 minute drawings and then added color and shadow patterns. Our task is to see the shapes and paint what we see. The task is not to paint a nose, but to paint the shapes, values and temperatures on the face and if we get those right the nose will appear. And the lips. And the eyes. And......the same works for landscapes or architecture or even old trucks. (These women were both actually very concentration on all of these elements seems to have translated into these quickly painted images). are looking at "process", not "product". The Ray for the Day is Day Two of Portrait Class.

Monday, August 30, 2010

#96 Day One in Portrait Class

For Four days we listened, watched, and painted for 6 hours each day. Hear, see, do. I came home totally exhausted each evening. Liana Bennett is a wonderful, generous teacher. She really wants her students to get the information and improve their painting skills. This workshop was about portraits in oil. I keep saying I am not interested in painting portraits....but all painting is painting. If you get the shapes right and put them in the right place it doesn't matter what you are painting. Faces are the hardest thing there is to paint. Liana told us to quit saying we don't paint portraits. If we are painters....we are painters. If we can see, really see, we can paint anything. Intense seeing was a major part of the weekend. We worked on seeing the face and putting the shapes where they belong. We made a lot of drawings and paintings. I selected a few to show here. The first day we drew from photos, first with vine charcoal and then with paint. I have included three of those drawings. In the next few days I will record the steps we took throughout the 4 days. The Ray for the Day is "Day One in Portrait Class".

Friday, August 27, 2010

#95 STUDIO 106

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've posted a painting. I must confess it is hard for me to paint in the Summer. So much going on. And this Summer I am preparing our home in Kirkland to put it on the market. Slowly we are inching our way toward making Langley our home. It may be a bit premature, but I found the perfect studio space for me in downtown Langley. Though I don't imagine I'll be working there much during these next few months, I will begin to move my studio there and start establishing myself. It is right downtown Langley and is also a commercial space. I'm imagining something like "If the artist is in the studio is open". At least for starters. When I saw the space (peering through the window) I just knew it was meant for me. On Wednesday I signed a two year lease beginning this September. The address is 106 McLeod Alley (I just love alleys) and when asked to produce a name for my business the words "Studio 106" popped into my mind. So Studio 106 it is. It is 400 square feet with 12' ceilings and an entrance on the alley. Meanwhile I am attending a portrait painting class with teacher Liana Bennett. Yesterday was so much fun. I feel so completely in my element in studio settings with easels, paint, brushes and other artists around. We arent' supposed to be working toward a product.....just learning. I will, however, post a few of my "learning experiences" when all is said and done.