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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#68 "The Staff of Life", oil, 18" x 20"

When I entered Joanne's house I was greeted with the fragrance of warm bread. My mouth watered. However, this loaf was not for lunch. It was part of our still life for the day. I didn't particularly like this set up when I began. It seemed so plain and so monochromatic. As I worked along I really got into both of those qualities. I feel the result to be quite warm and comforting. Perhaps that aroma of baking bread crept into the painting. This is my last painting for the year of 2009, and is my New Years painting. While making this painting I decided I would like to make paintings of food for awhile. I think this is the beginning of a new series. May the New Year sustain you like this warm loaf of bread, and may there also be sweetness in your life. The Ray for the Day is "The Staff of Life".

#67 "Fall Leaves and Fruit", oil, 20" x 16"

Three weeks ago, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my friend Joanne Shellan and I decided to start a weekly painting date. We are taking turns going to one another's studios to do oil paintings. For the time being we are focusing on still life paintings. I made this set up of Fall leaves and fruit and we each went into our personal painting zones. While I'm painting I am in the non- verbal part of my brain and it is a delicious place to be. It is not always comfortable, or blissful as some people think. At least not for me. A painting is a series of problems to solve and each stage of the painting presents a different set of problems. Along with the regular decisions to make regarding composition, color, line, and all the rest, I am learning to use the tools of oil painting. Though there are times of frustration and even anger it is, all in all, a very satisfying experience. The Ray for the Day is "Fall Leaves and Fruit".