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Monday, August 30, 2010

#96 Day One in Portrait Class

For Four days we listened, watched, and painted for 6 hours each day. Hear, see, do. I came home totally exhausted each evening. Liana Bennett is a wonderful, generous teacher. She really wants her students to get the information and improve their painting skills. This workshop was about portraits in oil. I keep saying I am not interested in painting portraits....but all painting is painting. If you get the shapes right and put them in the right place it doesn't matter what you are painting. Faces are the hardest thing there is to paint. Liana told us to quit saying we don't paint portraits. If we are painters....we are painters. If we can see, really see, we can paint anything. Intense seeing was a major part of the weekend. We worked on seeing the face and putting the shapes where they belong. We made a lot of drawings and paintings. I selected a few to show here. The first day we drew from photos, first with vine charcoal and then with paint. I have included three of those drawings. In the next few days I will record the steps we took throughout the 4 days. The Ray for the Day is "Day One in Portrait Class".

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