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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#103 "Saturday on First Street", oil, 16"x20"

This was a very complex painting to make, and that made it very fun to do. I concentrated on shapes and values and tried to ignore subject matter. I also tried to be really loose and let just a stroke tell the story. Not say too much. I think I still said more than I needed to, but the result is, I think, a lively cheery, portrait of the town of Langley. I am falling more and more in love with Langley. Studio 106 is just a few feet from this view of First St. I have done some work on the studio and moved in some studio furniture and brought some paintings in. It is slowly becoming mine. I also talked with a very talented gardener who will be installing the gardens around my space. (I'm responsible for caring for the gardens around Studio 106). I'm so excited to see them take shape. The gardens in Langley simply bring me to tears. I want to add my little corner of that community to the garden treasures of the city. The Ray for the Day is "Saturday on First Street".


Kendal and Jennifer said...

tres Hopperesque. yum yum yum.
Phyllis, you should look at the New Yorker cover this week, the bowl and spoon on the edge of the table. It is tres Rayesque. Your work is better! It is Ray derivative. You should submit some work to the New Yorker and get yourself a cover.

Rivkah Singh said...

I think the painting came out great. I would not change a thing! It's such a great painterly and colorful style!