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Monday, March 28, 2011

#122 "Spring! and Little Sandwiches", oil on board, 24" x 18"

Well, I said I was going to paint flowers. Actually, I started this painting several months ago. I took a long time to get the drawing just right, and I laid in the underpainting, getting some idea about values. The original inspiration came from a photo of a garden party birthday I attended last year. For some reason I didn't get back to it until this weekend. I took it to Studio 106 in Langley, invited my friend Faye to paint with me and we had a super delicious day painting and listening to wonderful music. This painting makes me smile. The Ray for the Day is "Spring! and Little Sandwiches".


Dave said...

I love it Phyllis! Is it oils or watercolour? Looks like oils? - Dave

Sue Van Etten said...

Muy bonita!

Janice said...

Wow! beautiful colors! I am so glad I came across your work!! I will be following your work, I hope you will visit my blog and consider following me as well!

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Beautiful painting!