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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#131 "Lovely Ladies", oil, 24" x 6"

As a child hollyhocks were one of my favorite flowers. They grew in our yard in Portland and I played with the petals and the seed pods. I made lots of things from them but mostly I remember making lovely ladies with gracious skirts out of the petals and necklaces with the seeds. As it happens there is a magnificent stand of hollyhocks just outside Studio 106. This Summer I have gazed at them, photographed them dozens of times, made a few lovely ladies, and now I have painted them. This painting is on a 2" deep cradled board, so the sides are also painted. They just called for a tall skinny painting. I have another started on my easel. The Ray for the Day is "Lovely Ladies".


Kendal and Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Hollyhocks and Hollywood..sameo - sameo...
HO being Ollie North.
And IRA ID's pretty much everybody including MATICO and

Anonymous said...

Did y'all know that UTAH GOV'T is PLO?
That's what JAGGER'S sayin'.
Baldwin and Penn , too.

Anonymous said...

Olah says PB is the " picture".
Pitt with mob, confirms.
Regis, Guy, Remy, all involved.
And even Seacrest confirms that!
Jeb is with this Marc.
Lowe is the B for Washington.
Trail is Berriro, Vermont, France.
And the PR is that Remy, French....for Nice.
And the Deer, is Rove with " boo".
Something called " PRESSEL"....El Salvador..." CLINIC"?
With " Prez"?

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