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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#171, "An Apple a Day", oil, 6" x 6"

Recently I spent 3 days in a painting workshop with Qiang Huang, a gifted teacher and painter. I am so lucky to live near Whidbey Island Fine Arts, an art school that brings exceptional artist/teachers to our island. Whenever I need an infusion of inspiration there is always an excellent workshop nearby. Qiang's (pronounced Chong) classes were very well organized, and loaded with helpful information. I think one of the more valuable things I practiced during these 3 days was to paint more slowly and thoughtfully, to spend more time looking and choosing hue and value. I have been able to hold onto that somewhat since the workshop.  I need to remind myself everyday. Sometimes I get rapture of the paint and just start whacking away. It's fun, but I have to make a lot of corrections. This is the first little still life I painted in the workshop. The Ray for the Day is "An Apple a Day".


Michele Gibson said...

Also beautiful, you are so good!
Stunning work!

Phyllis Ray said...

Thanks so much!

pramod negi said...

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