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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#67 "Fall Leaves and Fruit", oil, 20" x 16"

Three weeks ago, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my friend Joanne Shellan and I decided to start a weekly painting date. We are taking turns going to one another's studios to do oil paintings. For the time being we are focusing on still life paintings. I made this set up of Fall leaves and fruit and we each went into our personal painting zones. While I'm painting I am in the non- verbal part of my brain and it is a delicious place to be. It is not always comfortable, or blissful as some people think. At least not for me. A painting is a series of problems to solve and each stage of the painting presents a different set of problems. Along with the regular decisions to make regarding composition, color, line, and all the rest, I am learning to use the tools of oil painting. Though there are times of frustration and even anger it is, all in all, a very satisfying experience. The Ray for the Day is "Fall Leaves and Fruit".

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