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Friday, January 15, 2010

#70 "Eggs on My Brain" , oil, 9"x14"

So yesterday we painted at Joanne's studio. We just weren't finished painting eggs. This time we wanted raw eggs and broken shells. This is a small painting, only 9"x14". It appears to be a very simple little painting, but took as long as larger, more complicated ones. How can that be? Every painting seems to have a very fresh, fun beginning, then a kind of chaotic middle and then the finish which involves pulling it all together. Each stage has it's own joys and frustrations. Pulling it all together sometimes seems like make a bunch of colored shapes look like raw eggs and eggshells. How does that happen? I really couldn't exactly tell you. I wonder how we will have our eggs next week. Scrambled? The Ray for the Day is "Eggs on My Brain".

1 comment:

Kendal and Jennifer said...

Those egg whites are amazing!