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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#72 "Morning Reflection", oil, 14"x11"

What a wonderful weekend we had! An old friend from grad school loaned us his house on Vashon for the oil painting workshop while he is in Ecuador. Barbara Barry, Joanne Shellan and I had a cozy time in his sweet home, talking art and life, when we were not at the Barn Works Studio painting with our teacher Pam Ingalls. Pam turned out to be charming, extremely well organized, and very generous. We worked hard, learned a lot and went home exhausted and turned on. The four stages of an oil painting plus value and temperature are the lessons I hope to hold onto. We had delicious dinners at the Hardware Store Restaurant (where Pam Ingalls had a large show, so we feasted on her paintings as well as the food), great lunches from the Thriftway, a glass of wine here and there and very satisfying painting, learning, and woman time. As I dropped each woman off at her home with her gear and new paintings I felt a little sadness at the dissolving of our life and work together. The Ray for the Day is "Morning Reflection".

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Kathleen A. Johnson said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend - and how nice to be able to bring home art too. :) Kathleen Johnson