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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#145: Morocco Sketch #1, watercolor and pen

Sketching is something I do for the pure pleasure of doing it. I don't usually post my sketches because I think of them as a kind of personal journaling rather than as "my art". While on a two week trip to Morocco I did at least a sketch a day and when showing the sketches to friends they have encouraged me to post them. And so I will. I have a busy next few days so it may take few days to get them all up, but I will. I did this sketch the first day I was in Marrakesh at Dar Alliamoun, a riad (translated as "little bit of paradise"). I had the pleasure of staying in this 800 year old house in the Medina district because my very creative partners (I have part ownership in Casa Amanecer in Mexico) spent months arranging house trades in Morocco, Spain and France. I joined them for two weeks and two riads. This one in Marrakesh and another in Taroudant. This is one of several sitting rooms in the house. I was captivated by the amazing color and texture of the house. I was talking with my friend, Suzie, while sketching so she got in the picture. There were beautiful tiles, rugs, stonework, hangings and artwork wherever we looked. At the time of this sketch I had only been in Marrakesh for a few hours, and except for getting from the airport to the house had not seen any of the city or souks as yet. It was hot, exotic, exciting, new, and amazing. I'm so glad I captured this moment in my sketchbook. Sketches bring back experiences so much more vividly for me than photos. I can walk right into this room when I look at the sketch.

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