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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#146: Morocco Sketch #2, watercolor and ink

This view of this sitting room shows some of one of the many Moroccan carpets throughout the house. By the time I did this sketch we had spent hours on the streets, learning to bargain for prices, fend off "guides" and vendors who would follow us through the myriads of winding streets, alleyways and souks. We also needed to keep our wits about us to avoid being run down by fast moving horses, donkey carts, bicycles, and especially motorbikes. Marrakesh was a feast for the senses. The visuals were rich with color, pattern and texture. I especially loved the color and pattern of the fabrics on the jalabas (the traditional street wear of Moroccan men and women.....long garments with long sleeves and hoods) and of course the gorgeous scarves and colorful shoes. The sounds were the clop clops of animals, voices of vendors, laughter, and of course the call to prayer 5 times a day. The fragrance of spices and cooking were mouth watering. And then of course the food was delicious, plentiful, and healthy. While in Marrakesh we ate on the streets, in restaurants, and at home. Fouzia, our housekeeper and cook kept us well fed with beautiful breakfasts of fresh juice, yogurt, fruits of all kinds, and always freshly baked breads, and often crepes. Again, sketching at the end of the day was relaxing, centering,, and helped me assimilate the sights, sounds, flavors of the day. The Ray for the Day is "Morocco Sketch #2", or more specifically "Second Floor Sitting Room at Dar Alliamoun".

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