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Thursday, February 14, 2013

#165, "Offerings at Good Cheer", oil, 24" x 18"

Good Cheer is the name of Langley's thrift store. The stuff just goes round and round the community. Studio 106 often buys props, plates, glasses there for still life set ups or open studio events. Most people I know have bought cherished items of clothing there. This little doll in the sunshine really captured me. I hope someone has purchased her. Again, value is my mountain. I like very dark darks and very light lights. The midtones need to make a believable bridge for the darks and lights. I am working toward saying more using less strokes. I am really happy with the coat hanging in the background. I didn't paint a coat. I painted shapes of dark and light. And voila! a coat! It's very hard to do when you see things with all their details to reduce them to a pattern of dark and light shapes. It is thrilling for me when I accomplish this. The Ray for the Day is: "Offerings at Good Cheer".


mike burroughs said...

really nice painting!

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