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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#169 "Short and Stout", 12" x 9", oil painting

The Star Store Basics always has a display of these cheery, colorful teapots in the window. They always make me smile. "Shadows are an opportunity for beautiful color" is a painting principle that wanders through my mind sometime during every painting. That was certainly true in this one. I don't think this photo (taken with my iPhone) does the shadow colors justice. Take it from me...they are beautiful. The way to darken a hue is to add either it's complement or analagous colors. In this case I added the darkest analagous color, and then just a whisper of the complement. I feel the shadow colors in this painting for the Langley Inside Out series are quite successful. The Ray for the Day is "Short and Stout".


Kathy Johnson said...

I love your 'display window' paintings. This one makes me smile too! The show will certainly be colorful.

Kathleen A. Johnson said...

Hi Phyllis - Just had to post a comment when I saw this painting. I opened your email and said immediately said "wow" on closer inspection and reading your post I love it even more.
P.S. I noticed that another commenter was also a Kathy Johnson (there sure are a lot of us out there) that's why I go by Kathleen. :)

pramod negi said...

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