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Sunday, April 28, 2013

#168 "One Adult Please", 12" x 9", oil painting

One of my many favorite things about living in Langley is that I can walk to the Clyde Theater. I can see the show, have popcorn, most likely run into friends, and all for $7.00. How lucky is that? I just love the Clyde. So for my Langley Inside Out series, this subject was a natural. Of course my challenge was to show the very bright light inside the booth and the cool night air outside. I have to admit I took a few tips from Edward Hopper. The Ray for the Day is "One Adult Please".


Ann said...

That's exactly what I LOVE about Langley. It's been too long since I've been there - probably the last time was when I saw you and bought your painting. I'll be on the island more often in the future. I'll have use of a house on South Whidbey soon! :) I'll get in touch when I'm going to be there again. ~Ann

Ann said...

That last comment was left by me - Ann ADAM. I didn't realize that my Google email identified me only as "Ann". That could have left you wondering who that was for quite a while, unless you put together that the Ann who bought your painting was ME!

Jason Carpp said...

Beautiful painting! Keep up the good work. I'm afraid I haven't visited Langley in ages. I'll have to visit one day.

Sue Van Etten said...

I think I recognize that movie patron!

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