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Monday, March 15, 2010

#79 "Sunflower and Cinnamon Roll 2" oil, 14" x 11"

Even though I have a terrible cold and feel quite awful today, I could not resist going to my oil painting class to finish this painting. I was so curious to see what I would do, and to hear what Liana thought I should do. We were both on the same beam. I thought the cup, roll, and flower all looked somehow unrelated. (Refer to # 77 to compare) The solution was to punch up some of the color, make sure that some color from each item is reflected somehow in each of the other items as well as the background and warm things up in general. Also, I need to practice leaving color notes alone after I have put them down. There is such a desire to smooth everything out. I paid special attention to warms and cools, attempting to have warms and cools throughout the painting. Also, my original intention was to include the crossword puzzle, but chickened out the first time around. This time I decided I would like to try to include it. I like it. I do a crossword puzzle every morning. The Ray for the Day is "Sunflower and Cinnamon Roll 2".


Susan said...

Beautiful! I agree about leaving the crossword puzzle in. The shadow under it helps to anchor things, too. Susan in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Phyllis - What a transformation. I liked it in the original post but now I covet it. Your tweaks not only unify the compositon but they also create a cozy Sunday Morning mood. Brava! Kathleen
P.S. Does this mean that you had to purchase another cinnamon roll "model?" :)