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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#81 "Bountiful", 12"x9", oil

Barbara was the hostess today. She brought this bountiful bowl of fruit, a bottle of wine, lunch and chocolate! Talk about bountiful! She is still working on her painting as I post this. It was another joyful day of painting. Joanne, Barb and I gave each other feedback, talked about the basic principles of painting, and about what each of us brings to our work on any given day. We might be tired, rested, getting a cold, totally well, have personal issues on our mind. Somehow it all goes into the painting. It just can't be helped. You can't hide in your painting. The Ray for the Day is "Bountiful".

1 comment:

willipa barb said...

I love these little gems and your challenge to do a painting (or to paint) every day. And of course this means to blog every day and take a jpeg, upload and post it every day. And hearing what your 2 friends are about when you come over and paint.
Thanks for the inspiration