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Saturday, March 20, 2010

#80 "She'll Be Right Back",oil, 20" x16"

When I walked into Joanne's studio and saw the set up she had made, a weathered adirondack chair with some items on the arm, my heart sank. It looked so plain. So gray. So, well, uninspiring to me. I had been so excited to paint, and now felt a little less so. However, once I got into the painting I was nearly swooning at all the glorious grays and neutrals I was mixing. The challenge for me, as always lately, was to keep the paint interesting by varying the strokes , temperature and value. I know that if I keep the value the same in any given passage I can use any color I want, varying the temperature and will get a much more painterly and interesting painting. Yet the rapture of the brush stroking away on the support gets me. I want to smooth everything out and do what we call "house painting". These are the kinds of challenges that keep me wanting to paint these days. When I think about it I do it perfectly! When I get the brush in my hand something comes over me. I understand this is quite common. The Ray for the Day is "She'll Be Right Back".

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Barbara said...

Well spoken and well done!