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Sunday, February 12, 2012

#135 "Pumpkin P Cat (and Bob)", oil, 16" x 20"

Usually I really dislike commissions (trying to manifest someone else's vision is very difficult), but for some reason this one was really fun. The buyer's wishes were that the colors be bright, that the painting not be realistic, that the cat be the center of interest and that the husband be in the background. Apparently perching on Bob's shoulders is Pumpkin P's favorite place to be. As a cat lover myself it was easy for me to get into this mood. I had several photos of the cat, and it really does smile like that. The buyer and her husband came to Studio 106 for First Saturday Art Walk. The painting was a surprise for him for Valentine's Day. It was great fun to unveil the painting for them while there were a lot of other people milling about. I could tell immediately from the looks on their faces that they were pleased. This was really a fun one all the way around. The Ray for the Day is "Pumpkin P Cat (and Bob)". The Ray for the Day is "Pumpkin P Cat (and Bob)". SOLD