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Saturday, February 18, 2012

#138 "Day Two Exercises", oils, 6" x 6" squares

On Day Two Carol did another stunning demo and then talked about value. We toned our panels with burnt umber, choosing to tone it a dark, light or medium value. Then using a set up of our own choosing we used a paper towel to wipe the surface to reveal the values. We chose a dominant, secondary and "smidge" value. In the afternoon we divided our little 6" x 6" surfaces into 4 squares, chose an object, and had 10 minutes to paint the object in one of the squares. After each 10 minute period we wiped our palettes clean and started again. Seeing the value and mixing the color the right value is the challenge. Sounds easy? Easier for some than others. These exercises were fun and training us to see the nuances, transitions and then reproduce what we see. We were using only 3 primary colors (cad yellow light, cad red medium and ultramarine blue....all colors can be mixed with these. Well...occasionally using phalo blue and alizarin crimson) and white. The Ray for the Day is "Day Two Exercises".

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