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Sunday, January 6, 2013

#162 "Peter Piper Picked....", oil, 6" x 6"

We thought last night was Langley Art Walk, but then we discovered that the galleries were all taking the first half of January off so no one was open but Studio 106 and Whidbey Art Gallery. We had sent out our notices, so we got some food and wine and set it out and decided to paint, imagining there would be very few guests. We were painting away and people began to arrive. Much to our great surprise we had a full house most of the evening. Some guys started singing, Talia was there with her violin and she played. Many new people were there as well as our regulars. It was a full on party. Meanwhile, I started this painting, vowing I would mix each stroke separately, get the right value, put it down and not paint over it. Of course I wasn't able to continue all evening, so I went back today and finished. For the most part I stuck to my vow. I love how the colors are bouncing all over the place. The Ray for the Day is "Peter Piper Picked....".

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