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Monday, April 12, 2010

#83 "Hats Off to the Ladies", 12" x 9"

Wayne Thiebaud, along with Richard Diebenkorn, have always been favorite painters of mine. They were friends, and their work informed one another. Today in class, while I was painting these doughnuts, Liana came around and said "Theibaud it!". I looked at a book she had and discovered some of the ways he treats edges that give life and sparkle to a painting. I feel I have found the beginning of a way to borrow from Thiebaud that will also become part of my own voice in oils. I'm thrilled!! The Ray for the Day is "Hats Off to the Ladies".

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amanda hancock said...

Phyllis, I LOVE this painting!!! Is it for sale? Do you have prints of it that you would sale? This is very akin to the subject matter of my artwork.