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Thursday, April 29, 2010

#88 "Boss Bucket", 12" x 9"

Today I am beginning to seriously clean out my studio to prepare it for the Kirkland Artist Studio Tour in which takes place in just over a week, May 8 and 9. While cleaning I noticed this little painting up on my easel which I have forgotten to post. I enjoy painting everyday objects. I found this little boss bucket in the back room of Liana's teaching space. As soon as I saw it I knew I would paint it. I'm finished with the food subject for now, and am thinking of every day items like tools and tape dispensers, all those little things we really need and take for granted. We'll see what else I find lying about the studio that will become paintings. I don't imagine I'll be posting many painting for awhile as the KAST is rather all consuming. The Ray for the Day is "Boss Bucket".

1 comment:

Kathleen A. Johnson said...

Phyllis - Love it! My own little boss bucket is sitting on the shelf beaming with pride. :)
I love the way you seem to bring out the "personality" in objects.