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Saturday, April 17, 2010

#84 "Cat Nap", 11" x 14"

Barb's home is old and full of character, beautiful things, and interesting crannies. Yesterday Joanne and I painted interiors at Barb's house. Happily it was sunny all day so we got these wonderful splashes of sunlight spilling on the walls and surfaces. We painted all day, Joanne in the living room and Barb in the bathroom painting a claw footed tub. I chose this nook in the master bedroom, and so did Pablo the cat. Miraculously he stayed all day as well. He did change his position every hour or so, but I captured the pose I liked the most. My favorite part of this painting is the sunlight coming through Pablo's ears. The Ray for the Day is "Cat Nap".

1 comment:

Melinda said...

I dreamed of you last night! I dreamed I snuck into your painting group, peeking around the corner, and when someone caught me I told them I had just wanted to see real artists at work. Hmmm...
Greeting, Phyllis!