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Thursday, March 19, 2009

#40 "Jason's Birthday Present", watercolor, 12" x 9"

Every once in awhile someone wants me to paint a picture of them or of their child. This is the most difficult sort of painting I ever do. I find myself dreading and being afraid of starting the painting. I feel it is a "can't win" situation. Especially since my favorite subject matter lately is close ups of stuff......preferably old worn out stuff. Anyhow, I could not turn down this woman who I have known since she was 4. She and her man are both very attractive people, inside and out, but one of the "dreaded" assignments. Somewhere along the line after I had written her that she should not expect a likeness and I don't do portraits and all the other caveats I could come up with, she wrote me an email saying "we know what we look like.....we just like the way you paint and would like you to paint it." How lovely is that? Her confidence in my work freed me to make this painting. I hope she will be happy with it. The Ray for the Day is "Jason's Birthday Present."


Anonymous said...

Oh Phyllis I am so thrilled! It is such an honor to be represented in this way. I love the painting. It is so beautiful. We look so beautiful. It's a painting of our souls where there is happiness and electricity and contentment. It will be nearly impossible to wait until April 12th. Thank you so much for pushing through. It is more than I ever hoped it could be. It was such a pleasure to comunicate with you through the process. Everything has been perfect. Love, love, love you.

Kendal and Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous painting. It glows with love. On its own merits, it is an object of sublime beauty. And it is my sister! --Jennifer

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much this meant to me. I am a big romantic at heart and to have us immortalized in a painting... and by an artist we truly love and adore and a painter and a person is a wonderful gift. Pamela really outdid herself with the idea, and you truly outdid yourself with the painting. I honestly, with all my heart could not have picked a better gift for myself. The sentiment and the painting brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.
Thank you so much