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Thursday, April 2, 2009

#47 "Lunch Date", oil on panel, 20" x 16"

While waiting in a Seattle restaurant for a friend to show up for lunch the other day I (as usual) began to see painting compositions around me. Since I always have my camera with me, I took a few photos. Before going to the restaurant I had gone to Utrecht Art Supply Store to buy oil paints (Gamblin) and supports for oil painting. I bought both linen and canvas covered panels. This painting was done on a linen covered panel. So far (in my short history as an oil painter) I prefer the firmness of a panel to the "give" of stretched canvas. I absolutely love the feeling of the brush gliding the oil paint onto the panel, and the lushness of the pigments. The Ray for the Day is "Lunch Date".


Kendal and Jennifer said...

Love it! I wanna see a painting of your pop. --Jennifer

Anonymous said...

The color, shapes, and arangement create a real mood...I love it! Am also glad to learn a way to reach you. I have enjoyed your watercolors as well, and sent your link to appreciative friends. -Susan in Hopewell