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Saturday, April 11, 2009

#49 "Contented Chef", oil on linen panel, 16" x 12"

Earlier this week I attended a Women Painter's of WA meeting in Edmonds, a small town north of Seattle. After the meeting I was very hungry, and remembered a restaurant there that has really fabulous French onion soup. So, of course, I went there. After eating my delicious soup I was on my way to the rest room when I noticed the chef in the kitchen. He looked like a painting wanting to happen. I felt very nervous to ask him if I could take his photo, but asked a waitress who made a scared face and then pointed to another waitress and said "she is his daughter.....ask her." The daughter also made a little grimace, and I was about to leave when she said, "Wait! you could not take it while he was cooking, but there is a little lull right now. I'll ask him." I waited nervously, but then was summoned to the kitchen where the very interesting looking chef was most gracious. They all told me they want me to return and show them the painting when it is finished. So, the Ray for the Day is "Contented Chef".


Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Phyllis, I love this. I accidentally poked the image in my email and it filled my display so I could see the wonderful brush strokes not apparent in the small version. Keep it up! Barbara

Kathleen A. Johnson said...

Phyllis - It hasn't taken very long for you to make this medium your own! I love the story and the result. Very inspiring. Which restaurant was it?
Kathleen A. Johnson

Kendal and Jennifer said...