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Friday, April 17, 2009

#51 "The Slice", oil, 12" x 12"

So cherry pie has been on my brain lately. It could be that I have put myself on a weight loss program. More likely it is that some dear friends of mine are on a quest to find the best piece of cherry pie in New Jersey. This is a serious quest, and my friend is a serious writer. She has a blog called Jersey Pie and it is wonderful to read., in case you are interested. My pie quest friend's mother is also a good friend of mine, and at a dinner party recently she read parts of Jersey Pie and then produced, for our enjoyment, a succulent and beautiful cherry pie. The crust was flaky and tender, the cherries plump and plentiful, the tang/sweetness ratio just right. I went off my diet. I also could not resist taking a picture of my slice, and I have been dying to paint it. The Ray for the Day is "The Slice."


Kendal and Jennifer said...
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stacey panek said...

wow...this is utterly scrumptious.

Kendal and Jennifer said...

Phyllis! We posted your Slice on Jersey Pie! Check it out! We hope you don't mind. Everyone agrees that it classes up our joint and provides a flawless example of first-rate pie. (Way to go there Kate!)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Makes me want to switch and learn oil painting like you have. Watercolor is my main thing, that's how I found your page. Susan in Hopewell