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Saturday, April 4, 2009

#48 "Me and My Shadow", watercolor, 22" x 15"

Several months ago a woman contacted me by email telling me she had seen my work and liked it very much. She wondered if I would make a watercolor painting of her son. You know by now that I find commissions very hard. How can I depict these people in a way that feels like them to them, and still make my own painting? I told this woman I could not promise a likeness, but would work for the feeling of the moment, this special place in their lives, the atmosphere of the day, and something about the relationship between the mother and son. I like my paintings  to evoke emotion rather than to be factually correct. I hope this painting works for her. As in all my commissions she is under no obligation to purchase the painting. So it has been a dip back into watercolor. I'm now planning my next oil painting. The Ray for the Day is "Me and My Shadow."

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