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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Studio reconstruction

The Closet as it was
And now!

No painting going on in my studio this past week because I am doing a little remodeling. I've needed a utility sink in here for 3 years. At last it is here. Now that I am oil painting I really need an "art sink" for clean up. Just doesn't seem right to clean oil brushes in the kitchen sink.  But to put in the sink I had to figure out where to put my desk. I had an "aha" about an under utilized closet, and decided to build my desk into the closet to make way for the sink. I am pleased with results. Since the Kirkland Art Studio Tour is just two weeks away, I am also in my annual clean up the studio frenzy. The Ray for the Day is the before and after of the studio reconstruction. 

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